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Welcome to Rockford Karate Center
we specialize in teaching Shotokan Karate a traditional martial art that emphasizes discipline, respect, and self-improvement.

Shotokan Karate is a style of karate developed by Gichin Funakoshi, who is widely considered the founder of modern karate. It originated in Okinawa and later spread to mainland Japan and throughout the world. Shotokan Karate focuses on powerful techniques, kata (forms), and kumite (sparring).

At Rockford Karate Center, we are dedicated to helping kids in Rockford develop important life skills through martial arts training. Our classes not only teach self-defense but also instill discipline, respect, focus, and self-confidence.

We provide a positive and supportive environment where children can learn and grow. Our experienced instructors work closely with each child, emphasizing the importance of hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Through our karate programs, kids gain not only physical fitness but also mental strength and character development, which are valuable assets in all aspects of life.

  • Physical Benefits.
  • Mental and Emotional Benefits.
  • Character Development.

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About Rockford Karate Center

At Rockford Karate Center, our chief instructor, Taleb Bekkali, epitomizes the spirit and expertise of Shotokan Karate. With over 45 years of dedicated practice, Taleb is a revered figure in the martial arts community. He is not only an ex-karate competitor with numerous national and international awards but also a beacon of wisdom and guidance for our students.

Taleb's journey in karate began at a young age, and his dedication and passion have driven him to achieve unparalleled mastery. His commitment to the art and his students is unwavering, ensuring that each practitioner at our center receives top-notch training and mentorship. Under Taleb Bekkali's leadership, Rockford Karate Center stands as a haven for individuals seeking authentic karate teachings, self-development, and the pursuit of excellence.


Taleb Bekkali

Chief Instructor -Rockford Karate Center-


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You can wear comfortable clothes for the session, and we do not wear shoes.


About our classes

Little Ninjas Program

The Little Ninjas program is designed for ages 4 to 6, crucial years in a child’s development. Students benefit from karate’s focus on building character, developing concentration and listening skills, learning respect for oneself and others, and improving self-esteem . Little Ninjas also improve their coordination and motor control, while having fun and working hard to achieve their next rank. In addition, Little Ninjas are introduced to the world of sport karate, with opportunities to compete in Little Dragons dojo tournaments, earn medals, and more.

Classes are held: MON - WED - FRI at 5pm

Class duration: 30 min

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Youth Karate

Karate training brings more than just the physical rewards of increased stamina , coordination, balance, and flexibility . Karate students also develop discipline, focus, respect for others, and goal setting skills. Studies have shown that children who do karate often show significant improvement in concentration and self-discipline – both in school and at home. The emphasis on personal achievement also builds confidence: success is within the reach of every student. Unlike team sports, there are no “benchwarmers” in karate classes. Children learn techniques at their own pace. Belt requirements offer a clear path forward at each step of the training process. While fighting techniques are part of martial arts, the emphasis is not on teaching children how to fight, but rather teaching them how to respond appropriately when confronted with negative influences such as bullying and peer pressure. Students leave classes with practical confidence-boosting skills.

Classes are held: MON - WED - FRI at 5:30pm

Class duration: 60 min

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